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  • Image: Apartments in Alta Badia
    Experience the beauty of nature
  • Image: Apartments in Alta Badia
  • Image: Apartments in Alta Badia
  • Image: Apartments in Alta Badia
Nene Franzl

Welcome to Ciasa Nene Franzl, between peace and nature

The sounds and smells of the forest, the mountains in the background, a warm and familiar environment. Unforgettable emotions, that you will experience in the brand new chalet Nene Franzl in Badia (nene in Ladin means grandfather). A modern and comfortable structure, suitable for all needs.

The surrounding nature is a hymn to outdoor activities, whether you love skiing, hiking or cycling. But the house is designed as a refuge in which to disconnect from everything. You can enjoy a nice barbecue in the garden, while the little ones chase each other in our playground. In moments of relaxation it will be nice to socialize in the indoor games room. In addition, you can cool off, on arrival or before leaving, in the guest bathroom in the lobby. Small precautions, which will make your stay even more pleasant.

If you love natural remedies, get advice from Ellen, the hostess: thanks to her studies in pharmaceutical chemistry, she cultivates and collects herbs and flowers from our lawns. Another way to get to know the incredible ecosystem of the Dolomites!

A modern and comfortable chalet

Comfort and services

The brand new chalet Ciasa Nene Franzl in Badia offers all the comforts that make your stay in Alta Badia even more pleasant.
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Image: Our chalet in Badia
Image: Our chalet in Badia
Image: Our chalet in Badia
Image: Our chalet in Badia

Brand new apartments in a magnificent location

Our chalet in Badia

When designing the brand new Ciasa Nene Franzl chalet in Badia, we were well aware of the needs of those come to the Dolomites. Spacious rooms, modern lines, furnishings that combine comfort, services and family warmth typical of a South Tyrolean house.

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Fairytale location

Alta Badia

By staying in the chalet Ciasa Nene Franzl in Badia, you find the right balance between the need to disconnect and the convenience of having everything at hand.

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Choosing to stay at Chalet Nene Franzl means entering a world of comfort and relaxation. Everything is designed to fulfil all your wishes.

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11.06.2022 - 09.07.2022 / 27.08.2022

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Image: Summer For Kids

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