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Ciasa Nene Franzl in Alta Badia

The Story

If the chalet Ciasa Nene Franzl exists it is thanks to my grandfather, in our Ladin language Nene. Like so many grandparents in the world, this house aroused special feelings in me and left happy and unique memories imprinted. Where our holiday apartments now stand, grandfather built the house for his family, which he then left to me.

Franzl did not have an easy life: he was left an orphan of a mother while still a child, as a young boy he lost his right hand finding a hand bomb dating back to the war. He married, but his wife died when the children were just teenagers. Life, however, also gave him something good: he remarried and lived peacefully up to 95 years with my grandmother Agnes.

Nene Franzl never lost heart and managed to support the family despite the impairment. He used various jobs: in addition to being a postman (he moved on foot, by bike or on skis), he traded rags and raised foxes, of which he then sold the hides. The many obstacles he encountered taught him to face difficulties with tenacity and to always see the positive side of life. In spite of everything, what has never failed him is the smile, which I still see printed on his face.

"For me, grandfather Franzl was a teacher of life. He still is. Humility and good humor will remain in my heart forever." - Ellen Irsara